Friday, November 21, 2008

Mexican Bowl of Beans

Not sure what the heck to call this concept, but basically...

  • 1/2 can (~7.5 oz) pintos, black beans, watev, remove most of the liquid
  • a glob of salsa/picante
  • dash of hot sauce?
  • options*
  • stir, stir, stir (maybe let sit in fridge a while to let the flavors run together?)
  • sprinkle shredded cheddar on top

Microwave 3 mins at abt 500W then 45 sec at 800W (or more if you don't mind blowing a bean or two)

  • a glob of rice makes this a filling meal (or even some typical Spanish Rice in place of the salsa)
  • tonight I tried a 5oz can of chicken. Note to self: grill it in the Foreman thing first, with pepper
I once took the rice version to a party and they killed it - I had made a double portion and brought home just enough left for a side dish the next day.

Shouldn't have to say you want some corn chips handy...enjoy!

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