Saturday, January 28, 2012

Refrigerator Cake with Rye or Rum

This is something I make often to have for breakfast.  The original recipe for a fancy rum cake is probably available somewhere online and posted by a woman who points out that the liquor has a preservative effect on the cake and also allows it to freeze well.  So, for a 13x8 pan it's easy to freeze half of it for later.  Not sure how long it keeps in the fridge but I'm sure it's way longer than necessary.

The only special equipment I have for this kind of thing is a Pyrex mixing bowl and a (as mentioned) a 13x8 non-stick pan.  It would probably work in any standard size mentioned on the box of mix if adjusting the time. 

Oh, and I've never owned a mixer.  As a wise friend (Ms. Krista Block) told me that a wooden spoon and a cordless drill work just fine.  I just mix until most of the lumps are smoothed out then pour into a greased/floured pan.  If unfamiliar with the process, just rub some Crisco or cooking oil around the bottom and edges of the pan and then shake a bit of flour around it until they're reasonably snow-like.  I should mention that you will need some flour handy in addition to the ingredients below.

For the 13x8 I bake for 33 mins at 325 then check with a toothpick in the middle, for dampness.  Usually 33 mins is spot on.

As for the liquor to use, go with 40(ish)-proof dark rum or a decent rye whiskey.  My first attempt at this was with Overholt rye and it was OK but Beam seems to be a bit livelier (note that this means whiskey primarily distilled from rye mash and not Canadian blended whiskey).  Naturally you want the best quality available but not everyone keeps it around, so borrow if possible or else just go with a dark rum, such as Cruzan Aged or Bacardi Dark.  Rule of thumb is that rum has body and rye has the spicy flavor, splitting them to get the 1/2 cup may not be a bad idea if you have access to both.

1x 18.25 oz yellow cake mix
1x 3.5 oz (4-serving) vanilla instant pudding mix
4x eggs
1/2 cup cold milk (could sub water in a pinch)
1/2 cup vegetable/canola/light olive oil
1/2 cup rye whiskey or dark rum

For any other directions not specified just prepare as you would any other cake.

OH, as a side note, I've also tried making a "butter" cake and adding the rum to it, usually turns out just fine.  The only thing, since it's a different recipe structure than the above you will have to adjust the "oily" components accordingly as the rum has a drying effect.

Good luck!

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